Frequently asked questions

The site launched 2015 Nov 21 at 17:25.

I was prototyping a 2D platformer game in Unreal Engine 4 and I was having trouble finding good 2D sprites for fast prototyping. Take for example. Great place, but I find it very hard to find assets I actually search for, the search function is rather crappy (sorry). So I created this website because I felt like I could maintain a free, curated list of assets (where 2D sprite sheets can follow a standard for example).

Yes! The source code is open source under the MIT license, you can find the repository here on GitLab.

My name is Patrik Holmberg, aka Saucy. Born in ‘88 and living in Sweden. I’ve been coding since around year 2000 (got no exact date). I’ve been making websites, mods/maps for various games (I started with Valve Hammer Editor and Warcraft III World Editor). I usually only start projects and never finish them, but here’s a map for Half-Life 2: Death match I made!